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Acer Senkaki in its autumnal glory

We stock an amazing range of plants- probably the largest selection you will come across in a Garden Centre! A plant lovers paradise.

All the photos in the Gallery- headed “Plants” ( see header) are our own ( copyright applies). I have split the Plants gallery into useable sections- i.e. Seaside plants; Shade loving plants; Azaleas etc- it is an ongoing process and I am adding to this section all the time!


  • Deciduous Azaleas
  • Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons, Yak, Semi-dwarfs, Species and Alpine.
  • Shrubs.
  • Acers
  • Rare & Unusual Plants
  • Climbers
  • Herbaceous (perennials)
  • Trees
  • Conifers
  • Alpines
  • Roses
  • Fruit and Vegetable plants
  • Pond and Bog Plants
  • Bedding and Basket plants, planted baskets and tubs
  • Wood fired pots ( more natural than ceramic!)

xxxxx 297RECYCLING

We can re-use most of the pots that we sell the plants in- bring them in!


  1. Spend £100.00 or more and receive a 5% discount voucher.
  2. Spend £200.00 or more and receive a 7.5% discount voucher. Spend over £300 in one transaction and get 10% off!
  3. Give us £300.00 and receive £330.00 credit of plants (£30 worth free!). You can draw off this.

Trade Discounts – please enquire;


We do run Offers and Sales- if you’d like to hear of these first email me through the contacts page stating so!


We have good working relationships with several landscapers and will recommend them to you if asked!


We welcome children, and have many toys around the Garden Centre, as well as swings. We would remind you that your children should be under your supervision at all times. We also give children a free tray of bedding ( in season) for parents who buy!

Hanging Baskets and Bedding Plants:-

Bring in your old ones for replanting! Or ask us to make a new one up to order- you can choose the colour scheme and budget etc!